Sunday, December 08, 2013

To all and sundry with love

Monday, August 05, 2013

Colm's Right Foot

Colm has had a good time in Summer Rec Soccer this year. He's shown some imagination and some good awareness, distributing the ball to teammates, creating space for himself with the ball, and putting quality shots on goal. He's shown a little more balance and fiestiness on the defensive side.
The first clip is of Colm making a simple centering pass that leads to a goal. What you can't see is how Colm puts the ball right on his teammate's foot and sets up the score.

 Here's another little sample from this evening's game. It takes a few seconds for the sequence to begin but when the ball comes him, he brings the ball wide then reverses and comes down field, gets past a second defender and puts a low shot into the goal. Nothing flashy but pretty effective.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Last year Tess sang "Mean" by Taylor Swift at the county fair. Last night she sang "Royals" by Lorde.  For me the differences were noteworthy. Last year's group of participants was small and a bit uneven with respect to talent. The show was in the afternoon with a small audience consisting of who you would expect. Tess overcame initial jitters, finished well and ultimately surprised herself with a second place finish.

Yesterday's show featured a rather large contingent of participants several of whom brought well rehearsed and committed performances. The show took place at 8:00 pm and the crowd seemed larger as it picked up casual interest from fair attendees who were there for the evening. Tess delivered what I thought was a poised, engaging and skilled performance of a more difficult and dramatic song that really required her to carry the song with almost no help from the spare audio backtrack. I came away impressed by how Tess had matured. She finished outside the top three, as did a couple of other girls who were impressive. Tess struggled a bit with some unrealistic expectations and had to sort out her feelings for awhile, but she eventually came round. Winning too early is a tricky thing. This was a good experience for Tess.

Saturday, December 22, 2012



  •    Got Beth  a Sonny Osborne banjo special edition – only about 200 were ever made.
  •  Spent two nights camping, sledding and playing music and one night puking at Emigrant State park with our friends…(it’s on for next year, BTW)
  •  Colm hosted a Harry Potter for his 9th birthday party
  •  Tess hosted a talent show for her 11th birthday party
  • Saw Cirque de Soleil in Portland
  • Experienced near hurricane winds on the Oregon coast for Spring Break
  • Produced “Arsenic and Old Lace” at LHS
  •  Beth managed the LG Farmers’ Market through its best year yet
  • We put down bricks in our garden paths and more rocks in the front yard
  •  Colm played Select Soccer. His team went undefeated.
  •   I learned how to hit a draw off the tee
  • Tess won $50 for singing “Mean”  in the talent show at the Union County Fair 
  •  We went to Silverwood; Colm and I rode “Timber Terror”…never again.
  • We biked the Hiawatha Trail, camped on Lake Coeur d’Alene and heard a tree fall in the forest
  •  Camped and sailed around Lopez Island with Kelly, Jane, Annie and Jack
  •  I served as a teaching fellow at Idea Lab at the U of Portland campus
  • Beth served as volunteer coordinator of the Art Literacy Program at Central Elementary School
  •  I began my 35th  or 36th or 37th year teaching…no end in sight!
  • Tess began middle school; Colm began 4th grade
  • Tess was placed in the Advanced Math group for 6th  graders and is flourishing there
  • Colm is on his way to becoming a Lego master.
  • Got 8 chicks in the mail. Heidi killed one. Gave away 3. The rest are alive and laying eggs!
  • Tess played fiddle monthly in an Irish jam; Beth performed with Kupenga Marimba
  • Beth took a Life Drawing course at EOU and created some very cool drawings
  •  I cast my next show “The Odd Couple” (the female version)
  • Clearing out the basement to make room for a ping pong table
  • Colm and Beth have committed themselves to solving the Rubik’s Cube.
  •  Beth and I are hoping to start playing music regularly with a friend, maybe start something?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet Home

elfin helpers
real windows!
many hands made quick work...2 days!

a little snow makes everything effort yet, I think.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your first time voting? it with someone special

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Message to Erin

Manga. It teems inside Tess's brain and spills onto sheets of paper in her sketch books. There is much Manga in our house. It started with Avatar. Currently we're watching the Legend of Korra. Erin, you are the family earth bender; therefore, by definition, you rock!
On another front,  Colm continues his covert ways. His survival kit never far from hand. Observing, eavesdropping, possibly bugging and recording goings on with an eye towards gaining inside knowledge.  Questions abound and they flood out of him. Answers? We make 'em up as the need arises.
Happy Birthday daughter and sister,