Saturday, August 11, 2012

Message to Erin

Manga. It teems inside Tess's brain and spills onto sheets of paper in her sketch books. There is much Manga in our house. It started with Avatar. Currently we're watching the Legend of Korra. Erin, you are the family earth bender; therefore, by definition, you rock!
On another front,  Colm continues his covert ways. His survival kit never far from hand. Observing, eavesdropping, possibly bugging and recording goings on with an eye towards gaining inside knowledge.  Questions abound and they flood out of him. Answers? We make 'em up as the need arises.
Happy Birthday daughter and sister,


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, Rin, I love it! And Colm, keep it up, Superspy! Love you guys ♥ Erin

7:55 PM  

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