Saturday, December 22, 2012



  •    Got Beth  a Sonny Osborne banjo special edition – only about 200 were ever made.
  •  Spent two nights camping, sledding and playing music and one night puking at Emigrant State park with our friends…(it’s on for next year, BTW)
  •  Colm hosted a Harry Potter for his 9th birthday party
  •  Tess hosted a talent show for her 11th birthday party
  • Saw Cirque de Soleil in Portland
  • Experienced near hurricane winds on the Oregon coast for Spring Break
  • Produced “Arsenic and Old Lace” at LHS
  •  Beth managed the LG Farmers’ Market through its best year yet
  • We put down bricks in our garden paths and more rocks in the front yard
  •  Colm played Select Soccer. His team went undefeated.
  •   I learned how to hit a draw off the tee
  • Tess won $50 for singing “Mean”  in the talent show at the Union County Fair 
  •  We went to Silverwood; Colm and I rode “Timber Terror”…never again.
  • We biked the Hiawatha Trail, camped on Lake Coeur d’Alene and heard a tree fall in the forest
  •  Camped and sailed around Lopez Island with Kelly, Jane, Annie and Jack
  •  I served as a teaching fellow at Idea Lab at the U of Portland campus
  • Beth served as volunteer coordinator of the Art Literacy Program at Central Elementary School
  •  I began my 35th  or 36th or 37th year teaching…no end in sight!
  • Tess began middle school; Colm began 4th grade
  • Tess was placed in the Advanced Math group for 6th  graders and is flourishing there
  • Colm is on his way to becoming a Lego master.
  • Got 8 chicks in the mail. Heidi killed one. Gave away 3. The rest are alive and laying eggs!
  • Tess played fiddle monthly in an Irish jam; Beth performed with Kupenga Marimba
  • Beth took a Life Drawing course at EOU and created some very cool drawings
  •  I cast my next show “The Odd Couple” (the female version)
  • Clearing out the basement to make room for a ping pong table
  • Colm and Beth have committed themselves to solving the Rubik’s Cube.
  •  Beth and I are hoping to start playing music regularly with a friend, maybe start something?


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