Tuesday, September 05, 2006

American pop culture question....Chucks?

Ok gang, I imagine this is the sort of thing group emails and blogs were invented for. I've photocopied some pages from the La Grande High School yearbook 2004. I'm using them in my classes here as part of a language/culture lesson. Anyway, the page shows four LHS students each dressed in different styles. (sorry no photo included for you here)

Below each kid are a few bits of info like: style motto, favorite brand/store, and style essentials. One of the kids is clearly a punk/gothic type. She lists as her style essentials "my jewelry and Chucks". I don't know what to make of that last term...can someone help me?... and no I don't know if it's a brand name or a typo or a good friend of hers...
I'm waiting patiently... an entire generation of young French kids is waiting also.

p.s. they didn't have to wait long...on second thought maybe I was the only one who didn't know...whatever, talk about instant gratification...Adam emailed a response to the email I sent just a few minutes before I posted this. Chucks are Chuck Taylor Converse shoes... I knew that once upon a time, like 25 years ago. anyway, thanks Adam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this meets with more success than the first one I sent. I anxiously await all the information and the pic's. The kids are adorable and I have this sinking feeling that we will be strangers when you come back. Children Tess and Colm seem to be adjusting well - except for the ice cream incident. Sounds like a dream adventure and you and Beth will certainly maximize all of the opportunities that await you. We are leaving on a 10 day jaunt with the fifth-wheel on Friday thru Idaho (Caldwell) and thereabouts, on to Hamilton, Montana where I remember the most of growing up as a young sprout. We'll end up (some way) at Dayton, WA to see Tanner's new digs. Kathy called this am to tell us that she flew to Calif. w/Tanner to help him move and clean up his apartment. He was accpeted as a journey man apprentice there - he's ecstatic - hated Calif. He also is much closer to his "love". He is really smitten. I think you met her - Macy - school teacher. Your dad has an appointment with his oncologist Oct. 17 to see the results of the radiation treatment. Will keep you posted. I'm still plugging along. We joined the Racquet Ball Club and part of the package is two sessions with a personal trainer. Your dad is taking physical therapy there also for his back and flexibility. He's doing okay just can't do too much stuff involving lifting and bending over. Your location sounds and looks just beautiful. We appreciate the local news. Sounds as if their time is like Indian time over here. Round-up is approaching and I will get some post cards off to you. Hugs and kisses to all. Mere

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