Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The cost of giblets

If you walk the aisles of the supermarkets here you will search in vain for a turkey, fresh or frozen. With Thanksgiving approaching I decided to go to the local butcher, Monsieur Alvarez and see what he could do for us.

All he needed was a couple of days notice and he would have our turkey for us. He asked us how many people it was for. We're having three ex-pat couples over, so eight. He suggested a 4 kg bird.

OK, I said, being unable to do any kind of practical math at that moment and not wanting to in any way give offense to the expertise of my new butcher friend. Yesterday, Colm and I went to pick up the you can see it isn't a large bird, but it is fresh and the giblets are included.

The pricetage? ...put your guess in the comment box...if you get it right I'll airmail you a drumbstick.



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