Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The face of love

Colm has lately been on a charm offensive, constantly giving out hugs and kisses and declaring his love and then accentuating the depth of his intention by repeating "so, so, so, so, so....much!" Tess by constrast has been more independent and, shall we say, pricklier. It is almost as if Colm is running for office or the position of "favorite son" whereas Tess is done with the PR side of politics. She's moved on to direct action.
Last night I'm putting Colm to bed. We're lying side by side on the bed.
He throws an arm around my neck and says, "I love you Daddy. I love Mommy too and I love Tess."
There is a tiny pause then he says, "But Tess doesn't love me."
Another pause. "Well, Tess loves me, but she makes this face."
He draws his face back a few inches so I can see it. He has put on an enormous frowny face that is a pretty darn good version of the one made fairly frequently these days by his sister.
Finally he lets the frown go and smiles sweetly at me.
"But I don't make this face," he says.

p.s. coming soon... a roundup of the film recommendations made by all of you. can see them firsthand on the comments section of the previous post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Cahill! We don't have a google blog account, so we had to post this as an anonymous person... But we're willing to reveal our identities... This is from your faithful french minions from years past... Jesse and Micah. We're in non-fiction writing at the moment, hosting our daily radio show. Unfortunately, we still have to write stories, and I (Micah) was wondering if I could write a story about you in France. I think I'd take the angle of "Where is Kevin Cahill?" Anyway, we enjoyed your blog, we miss you, we're kind of pissed that you left for our senior year, but hope you're having a great time in France.

Micah and Jesse

9:22 AM  
Blogger kc said...

Dear anon aka Micah and Jesse,
I love hearing from you guys! As far as story ideas, follow your nose. I could mayvbe set you up with a french correspondent if you like and you could try some kind interview, dialogue, whatever...if you like that idea better. Let me know. Email me. The principal has my email address.

10:04 AM  

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