Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bonne Fete maman

It's Mother's Day in France today. Heres a poem that Tess brought home from school.

Maman, je t'aime
voici ton poème

Maman - papillon,
Délicieuse comme un bonbon.

Maman fleur,
Pleine de douceur

M'apporte du bonheur.

Pour toi maman, plein plein
De bisous, de calins,
Et plein d'amour,
Pour toujours.

To see a video of Tess reciting the poem click here for the silly version and here for the straight version.


Blogger Sharri said...

loved seeing how fluent Tess is! can't wait to hear it in person this August.

love, sharri

8:05 PM  

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