Saturday, June 16, 2007

Glad to be a daddy...exhibit B

Here's Tess reciting a Father's Day poem despite the fact that she has a fever..."I'll do it," she said, "if I can watch the video." She's got the drama gene, I think. Below the clip you can find the text of the poem with my own verse translation.

Un tèfle à quatre fleurs a four leaf clover

Papa, je t'offre mon coeur, daddy, I give to you my heart
Mon p'tit coeur porte-bonheur, it's hidden in this lucky flower
Mon beau trèfle à quatre coeurs a clover with leaves like hearts
Je l'ai cueilli en douceur, I picked so softly within the hour
Pour te dire tout à l'heure so I could show you right away
Bonne fete de tout mon coeur! how much I wish you Happy Father's Day.


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