Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall fun with Sugar

Sugar took another walkabout while we were in Portland. I found him at a neighbor's house down the street. He'd been there since Friday. It seems that Sugar can't abide an empty house, not even one with another cat in it. Anyway he's back again...I can't even count how many times now we've brought Sugar "home."

Once he's here in the bosom of the family, he shows little inclination to wander. Just don't leave him alone.
Fall is in full flame here. The pumpkins are on the stoop. The leaves still hang in the trees mostly though they have begun carpeting the ground as well. It will only take a couple of hard frosts to bring the rest down too.
It's nice to have two kids to help with the raking. Their motivation is all about creating piles to jump in of course.

This year they discovered a new wrinkle, piling leaves on Sugar.

The cat thought it was great fun too and allowed Tess and Colm to surround him with leaves for at least fifteen minutes or so. At several points we lost sight of him altogether (he's in there if you look hard enough)...didn't seem to faze him though.

Maybe it's because he loves the idea of being unveiled.


Anonymous erin said...

I love it! Sugar sounds and looks like lots of fun! Hugs to you all~

6:25 AM  

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