Sunday, July 27, 2008

cherry picking

A couple of friends of ours own a cherry orchard in Cove. This year they offered some of their friends the option of having their own tree to harvest. Their cherry trees yield dark, sweet cherries that are great for eating but which don't hang around very long once they're ripe. Once the cherries are ready you have to act.

We paid them a nominal fee, chose a tree, and then we went out there the day before yesterday and today to collect our cherries. The kids love going out to Jim and Donna's.
Today they each grabbed a bucket and jumped in the car without any need of further prompting.

Once there they mostly run all about, jump on the trampoline, and occasionally venture up the ladders to help with the cherry picking.

Using the long three legged fruit picking ladders we picked about 60 pounds of fruit which we pitted, laid out on cookie sheets and wax paper and froze. We also dried a few to make cherry raisins.

This winter we'll be able to go to our freezer get a little taste of summer whenever we need it.


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