Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ready to lead?

A thought experiment: pretend that the only thing that matters in voting for president is his readiness to conduct foreign policy. Which man is best equipped to lead America as commander in chief?

What exactly are McCain's credentials in this area? He says, "I know how to win a war." When and where has he ever demonstrated that? Please don't say, "He was a POW." That's not an answer to the question I'm asking. I realize that he served in the military, but so did other presidential candidates such as: Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, George McGovern...and George Bush Jr (though out of this group only Kerry and McGovern actually saw combat - neither got elected).
Obama has no military service, neither, by the way, did John Adams or FDR.
It seems to me that most of the credit McCain gets on this front is based on the war hero narrative that has become a staple of the McCain campaign. Where's the substance? Lacking substance, where's the evidence of good judgement?

Consider these quotes as evidence of his serious lack of temperament and judgement needed to be commander in chief.

Former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig,
"I think John McCain is well-known for 'losing it' in a variety of circumstances,"

Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, one of McCain's conservative Republican colleagues and a man who's worked with McCain for years,
"The thought of him being president sends a cold chill down my spine," Cochran said. "He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."

former National Security Council counter-terrorism adviser to George Bush, Richard Clarke. Clarke drew on his experience on the NSC to talk about McCain's own judgment after Sept. 11, 2001, saying that McCain was pushing for war with Iraq before the Bush administration had even made its own mind up on the matter.
"Sen. McCain had already decided," Clarke said. "He and his neoconservative foreign policy types that he agreed with are one of the reasons that George W. Bush decided to go to Iraq."


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