Saturday, October 25, 2008

conservative scruples part 8

This post is for people who consider themselves independents.
Some people seem to be able to dismiss the endorsements of Colin Powell or Scott McClellan or Christopher Buckly for various reasons... personal motives, not really conservative, racial loyalty etc... But I dare you to dismiss these: Ken Adelman and Charles Fried .
Everyone I know, all my friends and family, we all confess to not really knowing what either candidate is really got going in his head or in his heart. We make our choices in good conscience; we try to be informed, but ultimately each of us takes a leap of faith when we cast a ballot.
With that in mind, I find it compelling when people like Adelman and Fried switch sides. Neither man is running for office; neither man stands to gain anything professionally from endorsing Obama, and both men are likely in for some rough treatment from conservatives like William Kristol at the NY Times or Rich Lowry at NRO.
Here are two men with impeccable and hard ribbed conservative credentials, men who have served conservative administrations with distinction over the years and who have both enjoyed privileged access to John McCain. Both men were once enthusiastic and front line supporters of McCain. Each man has now decided to vote for Obama. Read what they say and remember how each man has had a front row seat to the goings on in the McCain campaign.
I'm asking eveyone I know who hopes that a McCain vote is the right vote, don't examples like Adelman and Fried give you pause?


Blogger adam jk gallardo said...

Are people like Adelman and Fried in for rough treatment from the Republican party? According to this article, they are already "dead to the Republican party."

8:24 PM  

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