Monday, October 06, 2008

loose talk...the unmaking of a president

Listen to McCain's charming surrogates like McCain's brother referring to Obama voters in Virginia as communists, the Pennsylvania campaign chair who called Obama a terrorist's best friend, or the member of McCain's Virginia leadership team Bob May who thought it was funny to publish a column in which he said that Obama wanted to raise taxes to pay for free drugs for his inner city base. Clever and funny.
The venom creeps up the ladder too...Palin has now repeated the assertion that Obama is "palling around" with terrorists. She's played this bit to raucous responses like, "kill him!" and has never even blinked let alone rebuked anyone within earshot...
Then there's McCain tossing out red meat to his supporters, with quips like " who is he really?" "who is this guy who came from nowhere?"
McCain too seemed unperturbed by the snarling shout coming from the crowd, "he's a terrorist!"
Is it unmaverick like to rebuke such behavior? One gets the feeling that McCain would like people to hate Obama the way he seems to hate him.
Wouldn't it be poetic if someone took the McCain/Palin message to heart and grabbed a gun and defended their country by taking action against this American-hating menace?
If it were to happen, I'm sure that McCain would say that he was sorry. It's one of the things McCain does best.

oh, and just wondering...why is Hawaii nowhere while Alaska is somehow American?


Blogger J. Marquis said...

I'm betting old John will get too aggressive tonight and end up looking like an even more of an idiot.

5:21 PM  

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