Tuesday, December 09, 2008

the days of Christmas

Prep work for the Gingerbread Birdhouse. Everyone is involved.

Getting the tree. Last year we plowed through snow; this year we trudged through mud. We found one of the very last Noble Firs in the farm. The deer seem to have munched all the rest. Beth loves the Noble Fir look; Tess prefers the White Fir look. Beth prevailed this year. Tess is biding her time.

Beth's traditional hand made tree fairies - this year's editions. The kids delight in finding them in the tree. Beth began this tradition four years ago. Unfortunately, Sammy didn't get the memo, and not a half hour had passed before he chewed Tess's fairy to bits. Major drama. Sammy was banished to his crate for a period of time. Interestingly, he went without the slightest urgings from us, signs of an incipient dog conscience? Maybe it was just his sensitive dog ears because Tess remained inconsolable until she found one of last year's fairies in a box. That helped.
The fairies set up residence in the unfinished birdhouse. Everyone, fairies and dog safely kenneled.

As soon as the tree is installed, it becomes the focal point of the kids' play for the entire afternoon and evening.

Before going to bed that night, we read "Olivia and the Missing Toy". Perhaps Tess chose the book purposefully. In any case it was a classic example of bibliotherapy. Olivia's favorite toy is destroyed by her dog. Olivia's meltdown is uncannily similar to the one Tess had. Olivia bounces back though and in the end repairs her own toy, adding an extra red bow for beauty. Best of all she doesn't hold a grudge against her dog. After reading the book, Tess was feeling much better, and she even let Sammy sleep on her bed.

A new day, a new door to open on the Advent calendar, a new set of crafty things to accomplish. For example, a birdhouse to finish.

And so it goes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the xmas blogs from your house! Beth is the master of neato traditions and cool little suprises. Can't wait to see you all!!! Love, Erin

8:37 AM  

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