Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bringing in the tree

Last weekend we went out in the valley in search of the ideal Christmas tree. Beth vetoed all the white firs, a prejudice rooted in her days doing forestry work. Her heart was set on finding a noble fir which was the least abundant of the tree species out there. In the end we settled on a tree that seemed white fir-ish or maybe an Arizona spruce. The guy who sold it to us told us he thought it might in fact be a noble fir. Whatever it was, we cut it down and hauled it home for decorating. It's a good tree.

Sammy has already eaten one low hanging popcorn string. He agrees.

Beth has placed on the tree (high up where the cats won't be tempted) three birds she made recently by felting wool. They are striking, I think, and they lend the tree some vestige of its former life outside.


Blogger Erin said...

I love the birds in the tree! The tree probably misses having them around, too. Nice work, Beth! ♥ Erin

11:51 AM  

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