Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting a word in

Transcript (taken from memory) of a conversation in the car today while driving to Arcachon to pick up our papers:

Tess: Maman? (Mommy?)
Beth: Oui, mon coeur. (Yes my love)
Tess: eh...le requin... (the shark)
Beth: Oui? (yes)
Tess: le requin est mechant? (the shark is mean?)
Beth: Oui, il est tres mechant. (yes very mean)
Tess: Le requin est mechant (the shark is mean)
et il mange le dauphin... (and he eats the dolphin...)
et les poissons nagent? (and the fish swim)
Beth: Bravo, ma petite! (that's great!)
Kevin: Oui! Tu parles bien le francais! (you speak French so well!)
Colm: Papa? (daddy?)
Kevin: Oui, ma colombe? (yes my little dove?)
Colm: My little horse is pooping. (I speak very well too)



Anonymous Erin said...

Hi Dad- I love this story! It reminds me of the time that Tim reasoned that God must be really fat. Hugs~ Erin

8:51 PM  

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