Friday, October 13, 2006

Food, glorious food

Today is market day...

The first couple of days in Lege our fridge looked like this...

Since then we've discovered the Friday market in Andernos les Bains.

Eating the food (and Beth's cooking) is such a pleasure.

Today's haul:
salade, figues, noix, carottes, haricots beurres, tomatrs, poires, oeufs, pain, clementines, poivrons, courgettes, concombre, fromage (de brebis, brie de vache, de chevre), confiture d'abricot et peche, bourru, saumon*, des gavettes de canard*

For most things it's cheaper to buy food at the market than at the supermarket (cheese being a notable exception). At the supermarket it seems like we drop 80-100 euros each time we go shopping...


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