Sunday, January 07, 2007

franglais gives me the cockroach

An earlier post entitled "fighting the cafards" provided a friendly reader with a chance to clarify for me a linguistic point... it involves my usage of the french equivalent for the "blues" (the state of mind, not the genre of music) which is "le cafard". If you look at the title of the post in question you can see that I pluralized the noun (the way it happens to be pluralized in English, hence the hazards of franglais)...incorrectly and also with the unintended effect of alarming my exchange partner who imagined that her house was being overrun by cockroaches. This must be some sort of slang term since I can't find it in the Petit Robert dictionary...anyhow, a correct (and plausible) sentence that might illustrate the issue here would be - cockroaches give me the blues - les cafards me donnent le cafard.
and yes this will be on the final,


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