Sunday, February 11, 2007

The missing tooth and the silent "e"

Tess just concluded her first deal with the tooth fairy. Her loose tooth had been wobbling around in there for quite awhile now, the permanent one was pushing it's way in. Tess awoke to discover her tooth had disappeared. She was a little alarmed, as if she'd been burgled, but we found it in our bed. That night we pulled the switcheroo, putting a 2 euro coin in a heartshaped case under her pillow. She was delighted. Colm is a little concerned however since none of his teeth are the slightest bit loose, but he's a good sport about it (having a big sister has impressed up0n him the notion of waiting and biding his time). Already Tess has another loose one!

On another front,
Tess and Colm are starting to cipher their letters.

Colm has been writing his name for a couple of days. It's fascinating to watch him attempt to simulate the likeness of a letter like "k". He usually constructs something that looks like a highback chair...but it's what he sees. His concentration is impressive. He wants badly to be able to do what big sis does.

This morning at the breakfast table, Tess took a pen and without any textual clues in sight, she first pronounced and then wrote these words.

It's really interesting to watch how this whole notion of readiness can play out. When Tess is ready things move very quickly.

Tess and I did a few more words, sounding them out, some of them real some invented, and then, on a whim, I showed her the silent "e". She was intrigued. Pretty soon we were making all kinds of words, first with the short voyel sound and then the long sound signalled by the silent "e".

Not to be outdone, Colm began composing things
like "IOV" or "MCO" and then asking me, "what is this?". As long as I gave an energetic effort at sounding out his "word" he was satisfied and proud.
Their little minds are so cracks me up!


Anonymous erin said...

Tess and Colm come from such curious people- it's almost a "given" that they be such little thinkers! Thanks again for sharing these moments with all of us.

10:54 PM  
Blogger kc said...

That first phrase "curious people" is delightfully ambigious... heres to getting curiouser!

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Brenna said...

That's so cute about Tess and her tooth. Reminds me when I first lost mine I got a quarter from the "tooth fairy". Tell her congrats, she's getting to be such a big girl! Those two crack me up, I can only imagine them writing over and over again, determined to make words. So full of questions, ah, I miss those days. :) Seems like things are going well. I've been thinking about going over to France for part of the summer. But I've been tossing lots of ideas around lately. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself at this point. I know I love school, but have you ever gone through a time where you just wanted out?? Something new?? I need more than books and professors to stimulate my mind, I think it's time for a little adventure. Take care everyone.

11:34 PM  

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