Saturday, February 03, 2007

Their own words...I'm nearly ready

Here's another essay from my group of secondes...this kid is one of those quiet, confident types ... one of those lead-by-example kind of young people... a real pleasure to have in class.

During the transition period between infancy and adult life, I'm learning something job, communication with adults, life's a way, I'm learning adult life. My teachers are numerous: my parents and all my family, my school teachers and adults who surround me.
To learn adult life, my parents got me to work in my grandparent's farm. I picked up a lot of plums, I gathered a lot of apples and I cut and piled up a lot of wood. I was paid for this work but it was hard.
Also, in troisieme (ninth grade) we had to to an introductory course in entreprise to see a firm's system where we envisaged our future career.
I haven't another experience about job but I think school is a good manner to prepare us to adult work because we learn a lot of work values: punctuality, team spirit, and life in society...
Equally, I spend time to play basketball and it is very important for me because when you are playing you forget your worries. You just think to win, all the other things are forgotten: school problems, failures... It's important to let off steam. Also we learn sports values: respect, competition, sacrifice...
During my remaining time, my free time, I'm reading books (I love history and detective novels). I'm playing on my computer or I'm riding my bike in town or along the bay, when the weather is fine, to take photos (it's my hobby) about our beautiful area. But I love lazing and sometimes I'm put to bed and I think of my existence and project in my future life...
...I nearly ready to shove the door which opens on the adult life.


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