Sunday, January 21, 2007

Local color...L'ESTEY Malin

There is a quirky, locally produced and irregularly published magazine called L'ESTEY Malin. It is loaded to the gills with local merchant's ads, some of them documents in their own right, all of them a window into the local culture.
In addition to the ads, there are several items some serious, some decidedly not, that strive to provide locals and out of towners alike with a sense of local color. It usually features, for example, a page dedicated to words whose origins reside in the bassin area and would be more or less unintelligible to other French people. As you might expect, the ethos (if I can use such a word in this context) of this publication is that of the fishing village.
Beth picked up the latest issue at Tess's dance class...they are not sold or even distributed in a systematic way. The first thing I noticed when looking at page one is that L'ESTEY Malin is now on the internet. You can have a look if you're curious... I've supplied a rundown of the "highlights" of this feature just below the web address: (do I need to remind people that it will be in French?...consider yourselves reminded.)

Page 1 - Interview with Santa
3 - Origins of christmas traditions
8 - recipe: brioche
9 - interesting graphic on biodegradability of various forms of garbage found on the beach/
high and low tide timetables
10 - wine tasting vocabulary
13 - recipe: Galette des 'Rois
15 - map of bassin circa drawn in 1774 (three page spread)
19 - recipe: buche de noel
26 - explanation (with diagrams/graphics) of how the tides are affected by the moon
29 - various practical knots used by local fishermen
recipe: stuffed mushrooms


Anonymous Brenna Mollerstrom said...

Dear Cahill Family!
I just remembered that you guys would have this site and would use it to keep in touch with family and friends. I'm really glad that I found it! I've been thinking about you all a lot and wondering of your many adventures in France. Things seem amazing there. I love reading about your daily life and travels outside of the city. The pictures are great and I got tears in my eyes when I first saw Tess and Colm. By, the way I think it's great that Tess is taking dance classes there. I'm sooo jealous! :) Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I will be leaving more comments now that I've found this site again. I hope all is well and your are all taking care. Happy (late) holidays. You'r old babysitter/friend, Brenna

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have edited that better. :)

8:58 PM  
Blogger kc said...

welcome to the blog ... you're just fine unedited. so good to hear from you.

9:30 PM  

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