Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beware the Ducks in March? ... deal me in

To all my lunch room colleagues (you know who you are)...here is my March Madness bracket (Click for a larger view). As you can see, I'm playing the be true to your state card...bad idea, betting with your heart but this is my year of living dangerously...
If there is a pool, I want in, I don't care if it is illegal, I want in. ...one of you front me the money to get in, please. I'm good for it. Just because I'm not in the country doesn't mean I can't win this thing one more time, or does it? Oh, and don't tell me that nobody organized a pool or I'll be forced to sit down and actually learn the rules of rugby.

Speaking of which, the previously undefeated French national team lost its match last week to lowly England. To put this in perspective it would almost be better win only one game all season as long as it was against England than to lose only one match if it was against England.


Anonymous erin said...

No "when in Rome" this year? Haha. Now that Iditarod is almost over, maybe I'll concentrate on March Madness (which I'd forgotten in Iditarod excitement). GO DUCKS!!!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous cjones said...

I'll post your bracket predictions in the office. Haven't heard of a pool this year. Aaron got tickets to Spokane for the 1st two rounds, so maybe that's more exciting for him than doing the pool?

7:38 AM  

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