Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Earlier this week. Tess set about creating an illustrated story...she drew and colored the pictures and then narrated the text to Beth. It's called SparkleRose. A classic in the genre, don't you think?

SparkleRose was a unicorn. She is smiling and frowning because she doesn't like the mean guys. She is possible because she can do it. she can save her baby TwinkleStar. TwinkleStar is sad because he is scared that they might catpure him.

The baby is crying. The fairy is saying, "I should help that baby."
The mean guy is saying, "Errr!"
Mama unicorn is angry and entering stage left.

The unicorn is smiling. TwinkleStar says, "Thank you mama for saving me."
The fairy says, "Maybe I helped a little bit."

The End


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