Sunday, June 17, 2007

Atelier boulangerie ...making bread

A few months ago Beth asked the owners of our local bakery if she could come in some time to watch how they make bread and pastries.

They were very happy to oblige her and pretty much told her to come whenever she wanted as often as she wanted.

Beth took them up on it and has spent several early mornings there.

They are very curious about the bakery scene in America in general and in La Grande in particular.
Here where the local population base is about 3,000 people they make and sell almost that many baguettes daily.

Of course not all of their customers all locals, a percentage are passing through to and from points on the beach or the bassin.
There are two bakeries in Lege, three in nearby Ares, and about that many in every single village up and down this penninsula. The local supermarkets all sell bread and pastries as well.
It would seem that there is here an insatiable demand for fresh bread and desserts. Good news if you're a boulanger.

The young couple who own and operate this bakery seem to love their work. Their house is attached to the bakery and occasionally Beth notices one of their three children wander in for something. They are an adventerous family, having lived in Africa and having run bakeries elsewhere in France. They seem curious about the possibility of setting up shop in America some day.

They pepper Beth with questions about how much bread do people over there buy and eat? How many bakeries are there? How much do people earn on average?
All I can say is that these guys make good stuff and I love to eat it.


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