Monday, February 04, 2008

I apologize

A few days ago I posted a brief story about an incident that occurred during a presentation I made on my exchange in France last year. My thought was simply to share an amusing anecdote. In my eagerness to be funny however, I have hurt the people whose names I included in that post. I want to apologize and use this occasion to set it right.
First, I will have taken down the offending post by the time you read this.
Second, I was wrong and I deeply apologize for offending you and hurting you. I also apologize to Martin, and Gerard and Julia.
Third, here is why I put that incident on my blog in the first place. I use the blog as a place to record events and reflections that arise in my daily life. This incident is something that happened to me; it was unusual and, to my way of thinking at the time anyway, perfectly harmless and amusing. I narrated what happened to me thinking of it not as a private experience but a public one.
I was a bit mortified but I was never angry, instead I thougt this was a typically teen aged prank, immature but also innocent and amusing, that could just as easily been carried out by an American teen as a French one. I have never had nor have I intended any other reaction to this story than that of a good natured chuckle.
The title of my post (humor a la francaise) was something that I gave almost no thought to. I think the other title I briefly considered was "Teenage (body) humor". I decided that the play on words between "bawdy" and " body" was just too subtle, believe me or not; it's true.
The reaction I received, made clear to me that my efforts to write about this incident failed utterly to convey that this was not emblematic of French people and certainly not of the family involved but of only of one thing: adolescence.
It pains me to admit that I myself have demonstrated a rather adolescent inability to discern between what is funny and what is unbecoming. It was adolescent of me to amuse myself thus. Again, I apologize to all involved.
If you don't know the people I'm referring to then you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you that they are unfailingly generous and considerate people and that I was an am honored to have had the chance to live and work in their community. I regret absolutely the damage I have done in so careless and cavalier fashion.
I feel terrible about it.


Anonymous Missy said...

Kevin, I took it only in the spirit you intended it. I'm a regular reader of your blog and have met one of the people named in the entry you refer to. What you shared only made the person seem more personable, I guess. I would still very much like to meet the others mentioned; that is to say, if I had to weigh the effect of this one blog entry, I'd say it made these folks even more appealing!

11:39 AM  

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