Saturday, April 26, 2008

Change is coming

I'm not talking about Obama either....this guy's name is Sam. I am not responsible for this. Beth is. Beth left me at home with the kids this morning after pointing out a bit in the local paper advertising new pups at the animanl shelter. I read the ad, then read the look on Beth's face as she left the house, and, well I did what I always do I connected the dots. Tess went to theater class, right after that I took Colm to the animal shelter. There were three yellow lab miniatue Schnauser pups, six weeks old. Sam was the only yellow one. We brought him home.
Colm is in heaven. He told me, "I like Sam better than all my toys."

Beth came home and was, to put it mildly, stunned. I just hope the dog house is big enough for two because I may be spending some time with Sam in there. That last sentence is all in fun; Beth has fallen for the little guy too.
We're back in the dog world.


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