Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting back the basement

Saturday marked the high water mark in our long standing struggle to reclaim our basement space. Back in March we began piling up stuff, earmarking it either for the dump or for the yard sale (and then the dump).

Friday night I schlepped the boxes upstairs onto the porch. Saturday morning at o'dark thirty, Beth began the daunting task of arranging and pricing everything. Beth's folks brought a pickup load of precious antiques which lent our sale a little cachet. After that we simply sat back and took people's money. Watching all that stuff trickle away, imagining it cluttering other people's yards and was a satisfying feeling. At the end of the day, I filled the pickup with the remaining stuff and took it to the dump. When I came home, I went downstairs and beheld the floor of our basement for what seemed like the first time since we bought the house five years ago. At the risk of exaggerating, it was almost as if we had completed a remodeling job, like we had added a room to the house.


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