Saturday, September 13, 2008

Compare and Contrast their records in Congress

Let's step away from the campaigns for a brief time and focus instead on comparing the legislative records of Obama and McCain. Here's a link to a thorough and condensed summary of all the legislation sponsored by each man during the 109th and 110th Congresses (the period of time both men have been there together). When you're finished with that material you can then read the subsequent post on legislation each man co-sponsored with some other senator(s) (the 110th Congress only).

This painstaking work was undertaken by Hilzoy a blogger who writes for the Washington Monthly blog called Political Animal. She also contributes to the blog Obsidian Wings. You can't find this kind of information very easily, not unless your prepared to scour the Congressional Record yourself. It's raw data and as such a bit tedious. Hilzoy refrains from editorializing in her post and leaves it to the reader to sift the information. A bit like reading tea leaves, but I found it very interesting.


Blogger Snave said...

Again, thanks for the information. It is the kind of stuff our corporate-based media is not going to reveal so we need to go out and look for ourselves. If we turn over enough stones, who knows what we might find! Then the trick is passing the information around.

Hilzoy does a great job, and yes, this isn't information most people know or likely care to look for. To quote one of the commenters JohnH at the Political Animal link:

"Seems like, while this is Hilzoy's tabulation and is not in response to any claim by the McCain campaign, it still goes into the lies and integrity column. Note that Obama's bills and amendments were for openness in government and limits on how much certain appropriated funds could be available, as well as for things above and beyond his district such as global relief efforts. McCain's amendments were all arguably clear, but what are his bills if not exactly earmarks or on behalf of local interests and lobbies?"

Good point.

People who care about issues and campaign claims can look at these items and make informed decisions, regardless of party affiliation.

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