Tuesday, September 09, 2008

There there...

It sure seems like quite a few Obama supporters are nervous these days. Some of them seem almost ready to panic.
I have a colleague who is literally dying to see Obama win. He can hardly stand to read the news because he'll see a poll number that makes him nervous or a new ad that puts yet another lie about Obama. It almost affects his well being. I don't get it personally. With eight weeks to go Obama is at worst tied in the polls and by all accounts ahead in the electoral college projections. When I tell my coworker these things, he always looks at me and says, "Thanks, man. I needed that." Then he asks me if I'll tell him something good every day until election day.
Some people don't know how to deal with being in a position to win; they want a landslide; they want an awakening. Ain't gonna happen.
My friend who is also a huge football fan can't deal with a close game in politics. He gets chest pains when he thinks about McCain winning. Before I went home today, I stopped by his room and said, "He's gonna win Pennsylvania. Don't worry." He laughed and then he said, "Cahill, if Obama pulls this out, I'm gonna kiss you...on the lips!"
I told him thanks for the warning.
Let me go out on a limb here and make a prediction- Obama wins this thing decisively. Something to look forward to, I guess.


Blogger Melissa said...

I had a nightmare the other night. Not the vivid-scene kind, rather the really-bad-feeling kind. In my nightmare, McCain had won the election and I just felt hopeless and bad.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous jerry said...

I too have been feeling some stress in the last week about Obama losing. It is hard to shake the last 2 presidential elections where I thought for sure there was no way that folks could elect someone so obviously wrong for the country...but each time I was shattered when the election didn't go my (and the country's) way. Now here we are again, another "most important election of our lifetimes" -- only this time I actually believe it is the most important election ever. We are at a serious crossroads. This election feels like our last chance to do something right as a nation and that it is at all a contest makes me completely crazy.

There are forces at work in this country that make this an incredibly uphill battle. How many voters are getting purged from voting rolls in Ohio right now? How many people are telling pollsters that sure they'll vote for a black man just to look good, but when it comes time to vote will revert back to their old racist ways?

This is going to be one scary 54 day ordeal unless Obama can start sticking his message about the actual issues to McCain and stop letting the media talk about BS like Palin.

This isn't some football game that we are all fretting about, this is the most important election we are ever going to see. I think it is fine to put your heart into it and worry, as long as you do something more than just worry. If you think there is nothing to do in Oregon, that Obama has this state in the bag, what about frickin Gordon Smith? How about walking around and talking to your neighbors about kicking him out of office so we can have a better shot at a senate majority?

I too am going to predict an Obama victory, but unless he totally destroys McCain in the debate (which could happen) then it is going to be way too tight a race for my liking...

(Sorry for hijacking your blog Kevin)

1:50 PM  

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