Monday, October 27, 2008

rolling up to Halloween

Went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. This year's maze made out of stacked hay bales seemed taller and tippier, but no one was pinned under a collapsing wall of hay so all was well.

Back home, we set about carving pumpkins. We threw the innards in towards the chickens in the strawberry bed, probably not a good idea in retrospect (for the strawberry patch, I mean - the chickens were fine with it). Colm is lately sporting a new hat which he fancies as a cowboy hat. I think he's planning on going trick or treating as Hop-along-Cassidy, his grandad's favorite film character. I'm not sure about Tess yet. It wouldn't surprise me if she went as Hannah Montana.

Beth is thinking of being a witch.
As for me, I'll be disguised as Change himself. See my little pumpkin and you'll understand (click on photo for a larger version). K


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