Wednesday, January 28, 2009

light blogging

Not that anyone is out there clamoring for an explanation, nevertheless, I'd like to explain the reason for the light pace of blogging lately. I've entered a very hectic phase of my work life. I'm currently directing two different plays, one at the high school, the other at the university. I still have my day job teaching full time.

At the high school, I'm directing the Steve Martin comedy, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and at EOU I'm doing Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee. They open in April within one week of each other. I'm pretty enthused about both projects but....

I've never done anything like this before, and I probably won't ever do it again. Beth and I are doing a real high wire act with schedules and kids. So far so good. But something has to give, and it looks like it'll be the blog for awhile. I'll try to put the odd photo up just to keep folks curious.

In that vein let me just say that one of the things I'm most grateful for these days is the sound of laughter in our house.

It's such a tonic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, SuperDad! Busy, busy! Wish I could see your plays- it's been too long (Into The Woods, maybe). Good luck, break some legs (Is that the appropriate wish for someone doing 2 plays instead of one? Haha)! Love, Erin

8:06 PM  

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