Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Banning Picasso at the Lapin Agile, part 9...Loop Hole Stage Players

Here's a cast photo of what we're lately calling the Loop Hole Stage Players (LHS Players for short). We had toyed with other names fitting the same acronym.

One of my personal favorites was Little Hypocrites Stage Players.
Tomorrow I'll have a cool piece of news for you. Steve Martin has sent a letter to the local paper in support of our production! It's a very eloquent and very Martinesque piece. It runs tomorrow.
I did my heart good to read Martin's letter. I've been run over the coals pretty regularly in the letters to the editor over the past few days. As a teacher, I'm not used to being called out in public as a smut peddlers and corrupter of youth. The tacit endorsement of this view by the board and superintendent has legitimatized these attacks in a way that really saddens me.
So, thanks Steve Martin. You really rescued my day today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What news! I have wondered if/when Martin would hear of this and hoped he might respond if he did. He always seems very down to earth and affable in his interviews and film work. I doubt it will smooth the feathers of those who are willfully and woefully determined to take no prisoners in this contest of wills. It's not a matter of taste or appropriateness as they claim but of their own absolute righteousness, and it's not enough that they "won" a 4-3 ruling by phone bombing a Board worried about their coming reelection. They want nothing less than full capitulation from everyone involved on the "losing" side. I feel for you each time I read one more letter attacking not only you, Kevin, but each student, all family members of each student who have given their permission and support to their kids and their efforts to finish their project in "a more appropriate setting" under difficult circumstances as suggested AND all fellow citizens of La Grande who happen to have a different opinion than those expressed by the letter writers. Mrs. Fullmer, thank you for the sarcasm, but yes, these kids ARE learning valuable lessons. They are learning to persevere in the face of obstacles, petty or powerful; to regroup and redouble their efforts to remove untimely stumbling blocks and patiently and respectfully find a way to make things work when necessary. They are learning survival skills in a diverse world, how to regroup and forge ahead. They remind me of the hopefulness of Maria and Capt Von Trapp in the Sound of Music, "When God shuts a door....He always opens a window."


8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Loop Hole Stage Players! It says to me they are a group who won't give up on what they believe. I fully support them and you. I look forward to seeing the play again and, hopefully, every night. I watched it on of all places. I simply wanted to let you know that my entire family supports all of you. It's ironic how someone who wanted to ban the play has brought so much attention to it. An unintentional consequence, yet a somewhat delicious consequence if one sees the silver lining. Although I can't imagine what a trial it has been for you and the Loop Hole Stage Players, I think it has been a good lesson for many people's souls. We need the shake up in this community. I am very thankful there are people like you and the players who are willing to take a stand despite the ugliness of those who want nothing of reason. I hope you have come across many more people who wish to take the sting from those who choose to be detractors. I am proud that my daughter has you as a teacher, Mr. Cahill!
Lisa Cargill

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that it was not your intention to shake up the community,
but congratulations to you and the crew for doing what you had to do to persevere.
Looking forward to the show!

best regards,

1:19 PM  

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