Sunday, September 06, 2009

Country boys

Colm, Sammy, and I are home alone this weekend. Beth and Tess have gone to Portland. City girls and country boys. We boys played golf first. I let Colm work the video camera and record my swing. He enjoyed that enormously, showing a marked inclination toward the dutch angle.

I shot some vid of him too and then we reviewed our work, both the cinematography and the golf. Watching my swing caused me to make some pretty fundamental adjustments. (today we played again, the results were encouraging). We played nine holes with John and his daughter Rosie. Sometimes Colm would hit a ball and then just light out after it in his flip flops like a hound after a rabbit. If people played golf like that they'd get a different work out for sure.

After the round was finished we said goodbye to our friends and took Sammy to go fishing on Catherine Creek. This was Colm's first solo effort fly casting on a stream. It was late afternoon; the air was still and fresh, the stream cool, the riffles filled my head with a steady thrushing sound. It's fairly tight quarters for fly casting but I found a flat rock for Colm to stand on. He was able to avoid getting tangled up there. I caught a little rainbow trout (not on video) and let Colm land it. I stood back and just watched him. One of those times I felt like stretching time as far as it would allow. Colm, he done good. See for yourself.

After we were done, Colm asked me if we could go back to the golf course and practice putting. We did that until the sun began to drop behind the hills. We drove the old pickup home across the valley. Then we grabbed a burger and fries and went to the drive-in to see Ice Age. All in all, a pretty good start to the country boys' long weekend.


Blogger Erin said...

What a great day! Hope the City Girls had as much fun as you guys did:) Erinā™„

7:19 AM  

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