Friday, December 25, 2009

Sammy's Paws are coming to town

Santa Claus came last night. Exhibit A is this note (click on photo if you want to read it) he left beside a near empty glass of milk and a plate containing only crumbs and four solitary cranberries. Exhibit B, a large and strangely festive raven puppet, bearing a remarkable resemblance to one the kids had seen at the Portland Children's Theater production of "Narnia" days earlier.:

Santa left some interesting gifts for the kids as did their friends and relatives. Colm got a snowboard/sled and a remote control helicopter and a nerf football. Tess got her own radio/CD player (huge smile on that one, thanks Grandma and Grandpa), lots or art supplies, some books, including a cookbook. Both kids got some cool abominable snowman snowshoes (shout out to Erin!).

In the true entreprenureal spirit of this secular holiday, we've marked this xmass by unveiling a brand new product line. Early focus group responses are very favorable. It's called Sammy Jammys. We've already begun contemplating spin-offs like Christmas Sammy songs, "Here Comes Sammy's Paws" and "I saw Mommy kissing Sammy's Paws" and so on... If things really take off, we'll consider incorporating the cats into the concept...Jasper Jammys, Cinder's shirts...perhaps even the chickens....Teluhah's Tops or Robin's Bottoms (Colm's idea).
Merry, merry...


Blogger Erin said...

Super cool! I'm going to order some Sammy Jammys! Keep up the good work~ Love love,
♥ Erin

6:25 PM  

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