Sunday, February 21, 2010

The one month dragon

Beth recently led her art class on a month long paper mache adventure. She got the idea from a video called "How to make a 4 Minute Dragon". Watch the video and you'll realize that the video is four minutes but the actual process is much longer. Beth tried a dragon of her own. I found it hanging in shower one day...a bit unsettling.

She took what she learned from the dragon and helped the kids in her class create their own creatures.

It was an epic experience in every sense of the word. Each week the kids had one hour with Beth. Week one was devoted to creating body parts with paper and tape.

In week two those parts were then put through a paper mache process using flour and water, no glue.

Week three parts were attached and again covered in paper mache.

Week four was about painting the animals. Sessions went long, cleanup was even longer. I never saw a kid complain or whine about the time; in fact, at least one kid sought permission to come in for some extra time to finish what he was working on.

Kids threw themselves into it, materials (flour, water, tape and paper mostly) everywhere, body parts scattered about waiting to be attached.

There were times when Beth must have wondered aloud why she had embarked on this project, but in the end everything came together. The animals were released from captivity into the world.

Very cool.


Blogger Erin said...

How cool! ♥

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Dan (the Monster-Man) Reeder said...

Just bumped into your blog. I'm very happy to see that my little video helped you to take on such an ambitious project. Your pieces turned out great! (And, as you guessed, it took me a few weeks to do my dragon as well, even with a lot of coffee). Congratulations! Now you need to do some more! You won't believe how much easier it will be.
Take care.

5:27 PM  

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