Monday, June 14, 2010

Baring my sole

Life is slow once again.

During these slack times,Tess is periodically seized by an entrepreneurial spirit which usually results in her posting herself curbside in front of the house. This time she was offering to do your nails for three bits. Colm decided to add to the offerings by getting Beth to make him lemonade.

We live on a very slow street which almost always foils our kids' dreams of making a pile, but it never seems to take the luster off of the venture for them. The few pedestrians who do happen by have a hard time pretending to ignore these two. There's nowhere to hide. The mailman gave Tess some money and told her to give someone a free nail job.

I decided to have a relaxing read under the tree while having my toes painted some shiny metallic hue.

Tess announced yesterday that she is going to take her fiddle to the Farmer's Market Tuesday evening and play for tips. Colm is considering whether to do the hula hoop in a supporting role.

Pennies from heaven...


Blogger Erin said...

I love these pictures! You're a good sport, Dad ♥

1:16 PM  

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