Monday, April 05, 2010


In the run-up to Easter, we brought a couple of new critters into the fold. Chirp and
As with the last chick parade, we are having to train our cats and dog what the chick-rules are.

Tess was given a water spray bottle and a simple rule of engagement: if a cat peeks over the edge of the box, let him have it. She took to the assignment with relish. Cinder is a pretty quick study, however, so she didn't get to unload on him more than a couple of times.

In addition to being cute, these chicks have a powerful calming effect on Tess and Colm who will sit with them for long stretches of time quietly stroking their feathers. They've also learned to roll with the occasional chick poop on the sleeve or hand. For the time being anyway, at our house, chicks rule.


Blogger Erin said...

I love the picture of everyone staring into the chick box- Sammy & Cinder and the water bottle... so funny! ♥

7:53 AM  

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