Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bringing home the tree

Every year around this time we go looking for our Christmas tree at the foot of Mt. Emily. Beth is partial to the Noble Fir but so are the deer it seems; consequently, each year the pickings seem more sparse. Tess, on the other hand is drawn to the White Fir which are plentiful, and , to her eye, alluring.

The search goes on for awhile, with me and the kids alternately proposing this tree and that and Beth casting an appraising and skeptical eye on each one. This year, Beth relented and Tess got her White Fir.

We took the tree home, cleared a space in the living room, set up the tree and brought up the ornaments and lights from the basement. By the end of the day, our tree was dressed for the holidays.

The moment Tess and Colm enjoy the most is always when they run around the house turning off all the lights.

We then bask in the glow of the glittering lights and ornaments.


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