Friday, September 15, 2006

Living by the numbers

Here are some numbers:

  • 6 different classes (5 different courses)
  • 160 students total
  • 18 contact hours per week
  • 8 am start time M,T, Th, F; Wednesday s free.
Each day I have a different schedule, I meet one of my classes once a week for two hours, the others I meet two or three times a week for an hour. Every day my schedule is completely different.

On Monday for example, I meet two of my 2es (sophomore classes) first in large groups for an hour and then in two successive small groups called Modules for another hour each. That’s three hours for each class on Monday alone (total six hours). I don’t see them again until Thursday.

I have one class that I meet regularly every week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and also on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5 every other week.

I have two other classes where we first meet in large group on Tuesday and then the large group is split with one part coming on Thursday, the other part coming on Friday.

My Terminale group (seniors) is a mixed group with kids from three different tracks (Literary, Science, Social Studies/Economics). All of them are preparing for end of year national exams called BACs. But two of those tracks (L and S) are preparing for three hour written exams (for English) whereas the ES group is preparing for a twenty minute oral exam. I meet this group once a week as a large group and then I meet the L/S groups on Thursday and the ES group on Friday….

got it? Me neither…but I’m starting to. If you were to walk into the teachers room at Lycée Nord Bassin and by chance see me there, odds are that I’m staring at my schedule as if it contains the secret to life. I know one thing…I must never lose that piece of paper.


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