Wednesday, November 29, 2006

overheard recently:

- We are driving to the beach. We arrive at the point of entry for the parking at Plage Crohot. The road forks here, the spillover parking goes to the right but since it is late fall and there is hardly anyone here we always go left - except this time. Beth, on a whim, turns right. Colm, who has chattering away in the backseat switches modes and languages instantly and hollers, “A gauche!” Just when you think he’s not paying any attention…

- Tess: When I touch you, you have to run. If I touch you with my head, you have to die.
(a few moments later) You didn’t die, Colm!
Colm: But I feel better.
Tess: You have to die.
Colm: I’m magic.
Tess: But if you don’t die, it will never be done.
Colm: Oh.

- At our Thanksgiving get together Tess decided to share some family secrets with one of our guests…
“My dad thinks there’s a frog in his butt.”
“Yeah, when my dad toots he always says, ‘Did you hear that frog!’. He thinks he has a frog in his butt but he only farted. He doesn’t know there isn’t really a frog. He thinks he has a frog in his butt. He’s funny. He doesn’t know…”



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