Saturday, January 13, 2007


The kids and I went through the looking glass the other day just for kicks...

it was quite a trip...

"It's a snail!" said Colm.
"Not so fast, " whispered the fancy fish. "His name is Escar."

"What makes Escar go?"said Tess.
"Exactly." said the fish.
"It's a snail," huffed Colm.
"Look at Escar go!"
"Where's he going?"
The fancy fish laughed and just before he disappeared, he said, "Go ask Alice."

Getting back to other side was tricky but fortunately I had a very cool gps device with me... notice it in my hand,

very handy for these kinds of situations but not easy to use.

Back sain et sauf


Anonymous erin said...

You are still my favorite storyteller of all time!

11:25 PM  

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