Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Their own words...I found joy again

Another excerpted essay from my class of secondes...a spirited girl.

If I want to speak about my teenage life I have to begin with the death of my great-grandmother who bred me: my great-grandmother when she died I feel like in a black hole. I quit my boyfriend who loved me, I hurt him and do bad things to forbid my grief. I had lost my motivation, but the help of my best friend I found joy again.
Today I live my life day after day and I don't want to answer me about the future. I spend my free time seeing my friends or playing volleyball. I found in the death of my great-grandmother a reason to live - for her. If I need to be brave I think at her and find courage, all the little difficulties of my teenage life are less important.
I am the leader of my volleyball team and I want to be better every day, I want always to progress because when I play I can forbid my problems. I am free. I need freedom. That's why I don't like to be in class. I am not free and I can't see my best friend C. She plays volleyball with me, she is always with me, we need to be together, she is like a little sister for me, in every difficulties of my life she is here and I am here in all hers.
I want to have friends around me but I keep my real bad feelings in me, hide inside my smile because I am too proud. I take advantage of my life because I think I have a very good life with true friends, a lovely and big family, and a good situation.


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