Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Abbeye Cadouin

When I told a colleague of mine that we were returning to the Dordogne for a weekend, he suggested that we stay at a hostel in Cadouin. It is called the Abbaye de Cadouin. It is a medeival structure that was and still is a cloister. It is surrounded by a tiny village and sits in the countryside about a half hour from Sarlat and several caves and castles in the area.

The weather was actually hot...I broke down and bought a genuine panama hat (made in Ecuador).
We were nine strong, three couples and three children. We rented a room with five bunk beds. It was a spare but perfectly amiable set up for sleeping.

Breakfast was served in the dining hall between eight and nine. Since the second fell on Missy's birthday, we prepared a feast in the communal kitchen and ate in the courtyard.

The cake came out after the sun had gone down.

After it was all over, Jerry, Adam and I repaired to the kitchen to do dishes.

I would seriously recommend this place to anyone thinking of spending any number of nights in the Dordogne.


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