Friday, April 27, 2007

Go escargot!

In a year of benchmarks and firsts here are two more for our kids. Tess pried out and ate her very first escargot. She had a second one just to prove it was no fluke.

Later that evening, Colm tried his hand at fondu....several times. Gerard instructed the kids on a cute little custom relating to eating fondu...if you lose the bread in the fondu pot then you have to get down on all fours on the floor, hop around and croak like a frog. Everyone was too hungry to get down from the table, instead we just said "Ribbit." and kept on eating.


Anonymous erin said...

Wow- tried escargot before she was six! Happy Birthday, Tess!! And much love to you all~

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Brenna said...

That is such a cute story. I'm glad that Tess is trying out new things. I'm almost 21 and have never tried escargot. Way to go Tess!!!

12:30 AM  

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