Friday, May 04, 2007

Pox on our house redux

On the day before Tess's sixth birthday she woke up with chicken pox. Supposedly she'd been vaccinated for them last year in the U.S. but the extended exposure to her virulent little brother was too much for modern medicine, I guess.
The timing was tough...we had scheduled a princess tea party for Saturday with some of her classmates and so we had to postpone that.

We went ahead and opened presents yesterday. Tess got a dress, a book for cutting out and creating princess costumes, a toy pegasus (flying horses are right up there with unicorns in her eyes), a little lip gloss kit (which she promptly applied to her eyes), a writstwatch, and a mosquito net/fairy nest hideaway.

The last item was inspired by our week in Arles where the kids' bed was covered by such a net. The kids were enchanted by it.

I picked some pastries called foret noire and we had a nice little birthday celebration just the four of us.

As soon as this plague of pox has quit our family for good, we'll see if we can round up the princess fairies for another teaparty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tess!

We love you!

Get well soon!

Jerry, Tanya, Ariel, Piper and Gagey

6:14 AM  

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