Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tess parle francais

The big news around here is that Colm has begun to speak French. I've decided to try to document what our kids are doing with language. Unfortunately, capturing Colm on camera is pretty hard to do right now. Tess on the other hand, well the clip below is a sample taken today. Constance, her friend and neighbor, came over for the afternoon. This first clip is of the three of them hanging out with barbies on the terrace. They're just chit French.

If you're interested in more clips of the same afternoon, click here for one where Tess and Constance are in a tizzy about some missing flowers; here where they go looking around the house for them, and here where they get silly about whether flowers can fly away on their own or not.
Mostly I want to be able to show both kids later on what they were able to do way back when they were little gosses. Hopefully, they'll still be chattering away in other tongues.


Blogger Krista said...

I have no idea what these two are saying, but cool. Tess' accent sounds amazing (not that I would know)! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Philip Donaghy said...

Wow Tess is truly bilingual. Perhaps this post should be called Kevin et Tess parlent francais. It's nice to see you all having a good time in Lege. I like the poem you wrote.

3:14 PM  

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