Monday, September 10, 2007

Out of mind

I've decided to direct the play "Snow Angel" by David Lindsay-Amaire at the high school this year. It's appealing on several levels, it has a large cast, the characters are all teenage types, the set requirements are minimal...the latter is especially critical since according to the athletic director who oversees all extra curricular programs, our budget for the play is about seven hundred dollars. After buying scripts and paying for performance rights it leaves us with about three hundred dollars to spend on things like paint and props and materials.
Anyway, I sent the AD my order for playbooks. Ten days later with auditions around the corner, I asked him when the scripts were due to arrive. The blank look he gave me told me what I feared...the order hadn't been place yet. It's not a huge deal, just annoying that's all. As I walked away, I mused over the likelihood that if I had ordered shoulder pads or helmets how the result would likely have been different...


Anonymous Kristine VO said...

Not only would you have had the helmets, etc. BEFORE the practice (probably before school started), they would have been monogrammed... :) Hang in there...It's been tough for us all, I think!

2:23 PM  

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