Thursday, November 01, 2007

Indian summer

I spent the better part of Sunday splitting and stacking a couple of cords of wood. Did it the old fashioned way, a splitting maul and a wedge. Nothing quite like finding the sweet spot on a big old round of Doug Fir and hearing it crack all the day down. There's also nothing like swinging a maul with all your might and having it rebound like a rubber ball. Or pounding a wedge into a round and burying it clean inside the wood without it splitting in half. As the guy who sold us the wood said, "When you buy it in the round like this you get the double heating effect. Once when you split it, once when you burn it."
I quit about four in the afternoon so that we could go to Morgan Lake on what seemed like it might be the last best day of fall.

The lake was ringed with blazing light.

We walked all the way around it, and then we went home and had supper, read some books, and hit the hay. One of the best days ever.


Anonymous erin said...

The perfect fall day!

7:28 PM  

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