Friday, December 07, 2007

rabbit ears

We're sitting, all four of us, around the table eating our bowls of breakfast cereal. A voice on the radio drones, "in Nebraska..."
"Turn it off Kevin," says Beth.
I'm caught a little off guard and being also out of the loop regarding current headlines I react too slowly. I turn off the radio only to hear Colm say, "He killed eight people and then he killed himself?"
Beth looks pained.
Tess says, "Somebody shot him?"
"No," says Colm, "He killed eight people and then he killed himself ."
Beth starts to say something to Colm but I wave her off gently. Let it ride, I think to myself. But I'm startled at the accuracy and the receptivity of our four year old son to what so often just seems like noise coming out of the radio.


Anonymous Missy said...

Wow. Besides listening to the news on the radio almost all the hours that we're home, I'm "in it" all day at work. This post made me think about all the stories I come home with and discuss with Adam...and how we'll have our own set of rabbit ears here in a few months. Hmmmm.

1:01 PM  

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