Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sugar high

Sugar is somewhat unique among cats in that he loves climbing trees, yet he never sweats the descent. No firemen rescues for him. He's a bit of an improviser too, not at all averse to coming down a different way than he went up. In the back yard he sometimes climbs the black walnut tree and then follows a limb to its very end and leaps into the apple tree below.

He can make the trip from the elm in the back yard, on to the deck, up on the roof of the house, to the plum tree, then the ash tree, to the street in front of the house without putting a paw on the ground.
Just the other day I witnessed him coming down one of the ash trees in the front. He decided on the way down to check out the roof of our VW bus.

The kids happened to be inside, and for a time neither cat nor kid was aware of the other's presence.

At some point that changed however; and what followed was an example of what can happen when three hearts beat with one desire.


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